Church Services

Day Break
8:30 am – Worship w/ piano
Join us as we begin our day worshiping the Lord in community.  This 45 minute service includes congregational hymn singing, prayer, and liturgy such as the Lord’s Prayer as well as an act of praise.  You will also find a warm children’s message & a sermon delivered by one of our pastors.

Journey Praise
9:35 am Worship w/ Journey Praise Band
The name of this service speaks volumes to what you will expect in this service.  This service offers modern praise music led by Journey Praise band.  This is followed by a sermon message delivered by one of our pastors.

10:45 am – Worship w/ Chancel Choir
In this service you will find many of the wonderful traditions of the church including historic creeds, liturgy of the church, and hymn singing.   During this service you will find inspiration from our choir led by our music director Steve Hoyle, as well as opportunities to hear musical accompaniment.   You will also find a warm children’s message delivered by our Children’s director, Erica Knight, and a sermon delivered by one of our pastors.

Communion Services
We offer the sacrament of communion the first Sunday of each month in all three services.

What do we mean by Sacrament?  visible sign or symbol representing holiness.  United Methodists recognize two sacraments: baptism and Holy Communion.

What do we mean by Communion?  Often called the Lord’s Supper, this practice recalls the Last Supper of Jesus with the disciples. It is a celebration and remembrance of God’s grace and mercy in Jesus, of the resurrection of Christ, and of Christ’s continuing presence with us.  We in the Methodist Church serve an open communion table, which means anyone is welcome to come and partake of this great celebration.

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  1. Maire Fried  March 1, 2017

    You please send me information on your vacation Bible school ?

    • GloM  March 9, 2017

      VBS will be held July 24 – 28 2017