If you are a member of Cornerstone UMC or regularly attend our worship services and would like to participate in the areas of our worship service listed below, please contact the church office or email the church at admin@cornerstoneumc.org for more information. Your participation is always wanted and encouraged.



A child or young adult,(3rd grade and up), who assists in the worship service by lighting and extinguishing the candles on the altar table, as well as assisting the pastor with the offering plates. Training is provided for those who are interested.

Communion Servant

A volunteer who assists the pastor with presenting the sacraments: the bread and grape juice to the congregation. We practice Open Communion at Cornerstone United Methodist Church and all are welcome to receive the sacraments.


We hope you have had an opportunity to meet one of our Greeters when you visited our church. We offer the opportunity for volunteers to meet and greet new families and familiar faces, as well as provide information about our church and the many ministries it has to offer.

Scripture Reader

We offer the opportunity for volunteers to read the scripture passage from the Bible for all three services. The Scripture passage will be provided ahead of time.


These are volunteers who pass the offering plates through the congregation during our 10:45 service. Ushers also pass out the registration pads for all three services.

Media Team

Do you have experience running power point or working a sound board? Or would you like to learn? We offer volunteers to be a part of the Media team to run the media presentation as well as the sound system for all three services.