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Date Title Scripture Series Listen
December 3, 2017 Making Room for Christ at Christmas Luke 2:1-7


Dr. Dave Meadows
November 19, 2017 Count Your Blessings Luke 17:11-19


Dr. Dave Meadow
October 1, 2017 The Master’s Men: Simon the Zealot Luke 16:12-16


Dr. Dave Meadows
June 11, 2017 The Day Daddy Came Running Luke 15:11-19


Dr. Bill Newcomb
April 30, 2017 Jesus Broke Bread on Purpose Matthew 26:26-30 – Luke 24:28-35


Rev. David Rucker
March 5, 2017 Promise of Life Luke 23:32-33-39-49


Dr. Dave Meadows
January 22, 2017 On Tiptoes of Expectation Luke 3:15-22


Dr. Dave Meadows
July 31, 2016 I Want to Tell You a Story Luke 8:26-39


Rev. David Rucker
April 10, 2016 On Our Road to Emmaus Luke 24:13-24


Dr. Dave Meadows
January 17, 2016 Facing Life’s Chanllenges Luke 18:18-25 Journey To The Cross


Rev. Brenda Porter
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