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February 26, 2017 Cross Words: Prayer of Forgiveness Matthew 23:33-38


Dr. Dave Meadows
January 29, 2017 Making the Right Choices Matthew 4:1-11


Dr. Dave Meadows
January 8, 2017 Just Follow the Signs Matthew 2:1-12


Dr. Dave Meadow
January 1, 2017 A New Day, a New Life Matthew 2:13-18


Dr. Dave Meadows
December 4, 2016 Joseph of Bethlehem Matthew 1:18-24


Rev David Rucker
October 9, 2016 Answering God’s Call Matthew 25:34-40


Mr. Mark Ellis
July 24, 2016 A Piece of the Rock Matthew 7:24-27


Dr. Dave Meadows
May 8, 2016 A Mother’s Desire: A Christian Life Matthew 20:20-23


Dr. Dave Meadows
March 13, 2016 A Time To Decide Matthew 21:1-9 Journey To The Cross


Dr. Dave Meadows
January 3, 2016 How Wise Are You Matthew 2:1-12


Dr. Dave Meadows
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