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Date Title Scripture Series Listen
February 1, 2015 Sacrament of Holy Communion Mark 14:22-26 Methodism 101


Dr. Dave Meadows
May 11, 2014 A Mother’s Love Mark 7:25-30


Dr. Dave Meadows
March 2, 2014 “Instructions from a Mountain Top” Mark 9:2-8


Dr. Dave Meadows
February 16, 2014 “Weathering Life’s Storms” Mark 4:35-41


Dr. Dave Meadows
February 2, 2014 Super Fans of God Mark 1:14-20


Dr. Dave Meadows
January 19, 2014 Baptism: “Claimed, Cleaned & Committed” Mark 1:9-11


Dr. Dave Meadows
October 20, 2013 The Master’s Hands Mark 1:29-39 He Touched Me


Rev. Brenda Porter
October 13, 2013 “A Childlike Faith” Mark 10:13-16 He Touched Me


Dave Meadows
March 31, 2013 Victory of the Empty Tomb Mark 16:1-6


Dr. Dave Meadows
Unknown Date An Unforgettable Gift Mark 12:41-44


Dr. Dave Meadows
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