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Date Title Scripture Series Listen
November 12, 2017 James and John Mark 10:35-34


Dr. Dave Meadows
February 5, 2017 Listen to Him Mark 9:2-2:8


Dr. Dave Meadows
October 23, 2016 A Good, Better & Best Choice Mark 10:38-42


Rev. David Rucker
March 27, 2016 Beginning a New Tommorow Mark 16:1-6


March 6, 2016 Cry That Wouldn’t Be Silent Mark 10:46-52


Dr. Dave Meadows
February 21, 2016 Journey to the Cross
Healing on the Sabbath
Mark 3:1-6 Journey To The Cross


Dr. Dave Meadow
January 31, 2016 The Touch of Jesus Mark 5:25-34 Journey To The Cross


Rev. Georgia Barrett
April 5, 2015 Good News from an Empty Tomb Mark 16:1-6


Dr. Dave Meadows
March 8, 2015 Peter’s Mother-in-law Mark 1:29-31 Encounters With Jesus


Pastor Dave Meadows
February 1, 2015 Sacrament of Holy Communion Mark 14:22-26 Methodism 101


Dr. Dave Meadows
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