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Date Title Scripture Series Listen
April 7, 2013 The Wounds Remained John 20:24-28


Dr. Dave Meadows
March 17, 2013 An Evening in Bethany John 12:1-8 ON THE ROAD TO CALVARY


Rev. Brenda Porter
March 3, 2013 The Shepherd’s Gate John 10:1-11


Rev. Greg Smith
February 10, 2013 A New Commandment John 13:33-35


Dr. Dave Meadows
December 30, 2012 We Leave a Light On For You John 1:1-5


Pastor Dave Meadows
December 16, 2012 The Black Bart of the Soul John 1:14-18


Pastor Dave Meadows
December 9, 2012 GOD’S GIFT OF LOVE John 1:14-18


Pastor Dave Meadows
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